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Diane Traina

Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY, United States


This House Sparrow has been showing up at my feeders for a few months now. He has a patch of grey fluffy feathers on his right side. At first, I thought they were juvenile feathers that were going to fall off but they have continued to come back in strangely, although not quite as fluffy as they were initially. I’m curious about what is causing this. I have more pictures if you need them.




House Sparrow With Grey, Fluffy Side Patch.

House Sparrow with grey, fluffy side patch.

One reply on “House Sparrow with grey, fluffy side patch.”

Shannon says:

I also have pictures of house sparrows with a lot of get grey feathers and coloration. Do you have slate dark-eyed juncos in the area?
These two birds often produce hybrids, which results in these grey-ish house sparrows.

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