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Deborah Anderson

Florence, South Carolina, United States


There was a flock of American robins in our front yard on February 21, 2015 and this particular robin was among them. Before that day, I had never seen a bird with this condition. The bird appeared healthy and was busily burrowing through the leaves looking for insects along with the rest of the flock. While the bird “stood out” among the crowd when in the lawn area, it actually camouflaged better than the others in the leaf litter area.


Leucistic American Robin

One reply on “Leucistic American Robin”

Grace Segalini, Kendall Park, NJ says:

We have a bird that looks very similar to the above but without the black markings on its head, just white, that has made a nest outside our back door. She laid four eggs that were hatched this past Sunday, April 30, 2017. I can’t get close enough to take a photo of her as she immediately flies away. The chicks at this point, all look white but it is probably too soon to tell.

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