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Dr Christine Ringleb

Denver County, CO, USA


This is a house finch Carpodacus mexicanus; I have seen this bird at the feeder now for over a month. I have seen white feathers on the crown, the mantle and scapulars and some incidental white feathers on the coverts, supraloral, primaries, and body. It visits the feeder most days between noon and 14:00 hours often with a male house finch. I have seen just the tiniest bit of red above the tail when the primaries spread out a little. It has clear eyes and displays no aberrant behavior. I have not seen any bill deformity. I don’t have a good camera with zoom and stored several iPhone movies.


Leucistic birds

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Species: House Finch

Leucistic House Finch

Leucistic House Finch (white feathers mainly on crown, mantle, scapulars)

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