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Amanda McKnight

Indianapolis, IN, United States


this leucistic house sparrow has visited by feeders 3 bird watch days in a row. picture above pretty much show all angles and sides of what he looks like. seems to act like a normal house sparrow and i think is part of large flock that visits often.


Leucistic birds


Leucistic House Sparrow

3 replies on “leucistic house sparrow”

Denise Loseby says:

A leucistic sparrow visits our garden most days and has been doing for the last 6 months. I have heaps of photos of him.

Eileen Iwasykiw says:

I had one at my bird bath today. So cool! I have a photo also. I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada

AC Hickox says:

A male leucistic house sparrow visited the feeder flock today in Brooklyn. No time for a photo; hopefully he’ll be at the feeder tomorrow too.

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