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John Turnauckas

Oklahoma, United States


This Cardinal has been coming to our platform feeder for quite a while. At first I did not discern that its beak was badly deformed and that he was missing his left eye. He finally came to the feeder when I had my camera handy..He seems quite capable of feeding and flying. I have seen a Cardinal wqith missing feathers and grey skin but never one with these deformities.


Deformed bill

Male Cardinal With Deformities

Male Cardinal with deformed beak, missing feathers and a missing left eye.

3 replies on “Male Cardinal with Deformities”

Barbara Brown says:

I have a male cardinal that looks similar, but beak is normal. There is also a male with one normal leg and only a half of the other. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Sara says:

I have a male cardinal with a very long beak (1.5″) coming to my yard. His beak is a little twisted too, and grey instead of the normal orange. I saw him eating seeds off the ground sideways. Yukon, OK

Jennifer Westfall says:

Looks like it might be Avian Keratin Disorder.

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