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Linda Morzillo

Wilton, NY, United States


Tail on a Mourning Dove seen under one of my feeders. I wonder if the long gray tail feathers were lost or molted and these are the under feathers.



Mourning Dove Forked White Tail

Unusual Tail on a Mourning Dove

9 replies on “Mourning Dove Forked White Tail”

karen n says:

I also have a mourning dove with white tail feathers like the one above.
How are these different?

J. Leyse says:

So do I ….he has been coming to my feeders for more than a year, always just by himself, seemingly having no mate or buddiies, I feel really badlly for him.

Gail Abdow says:

I have dozens of mourning doves at my feeders but this white-tailed one is unusual. He/she seems to get along with the others though.

Rebecca says:

I had one just this morning. Two bright white tail feathers.

Dan Stueber says:

There is a Mourning Dove with similar forked tail on the power lines in front of our house in Portland Oregon.

Terry Kane says:

I saw one this morning at our feeder in Encinitas California, among a dozen or so other doves. Two bright white tail feathers extending from a nearly black patch on its back.

Sue Paddock says:

I saw one with a white forked tail under our feeders over the last week in Meriden CT. It is not aggressive toward the other Mourning Doves.

John Wareham says:

I saw one for the first time early this morning, perched on the rim of our birdbath here in Santee, South Carolina (60 miles inland from Charleston). Bright white forked tail. We have a dozen or so resident doves but this is the first time I’ve seen one with such a tail. Will post a photo if I can manage to capture one if/when he/she returns.

Jeanne Peterson says:

I also have a morning dove that has a white tail here in Caldwell Idaho… Is that normal?

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