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Linda Morzillo

Wilton, NY, United States


Tail on a Mourning Dove seen under one of my feeders. I wonder if the long gray tail feathers were lost or molted and these are the under feathers.



Mourning Dove Forked White Tail

Unusual Tail on a Mourning Dove

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  • karen n says:

    I also have a mourning dove with white tail feathers like the one above.
    How are these different?

  • J. Leyse says:

    So do I ….he has been coming to my feeders for more than a year, always just by himself, seemingly having no mate or buddiies, I feel really badlly for him.

  • Gail Abdow says:

    I have dozens of mourning doves at my feeders but this white-tailed one is unusual. He/she seems to get along with the others though.

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