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susanne miltimore

Milford, Milford charter Township, Michigan, United States


This was my second sighting in a week of this finch. I did not add it to my feederwatch count as I was unsure if this is an albino American goldfinch or someones escaped pet. You will notice the winter coloring of the other American goldfinches in the background. Both sightings it flew in with a group of American goldfinches. I would love your opinion on what it is.




Mystery Finch

Albino American goldfinch or escaped pet?

One reply on “Mystery Finch”

Ava Johnson says:

Hey Susanne, this is a leucistic American Goldfinch. Albino birds are completely white (minus beak and legs) and have red/pink eyes. Leucistic birds have mottled white coloring, are fully white with black eyes, have certain areas with white, or appear lighter in color than normal. Hope this helped!

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