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Velda Montgomery

Cardington, OH, USA


Male Brown-headed Cowbird with strange white feathers. He was strikingly handsome.



Odd Marking On Cowbird

One reply on “Odd marking on Cowbird”

Denise Bass says:

I saw for the first time in my 64 years one of these beautiful Cowbirds today!

The white feathers surprised me so I reached for my cellphone to look it up. Yours was the first site I found.

The cowbirds are one of my favorites. Both male and female visit my memory garden. The male is quite fond of long baths in the bird bath.

Neither are picky about the food I offer whether it be seed or suet with nuts or fruit. They also check the ground for any food tossed away by the other birds.

These are only one of around two dozen different variety of birds that I see each day.

They bring me joy and peace. I am truly blessed by their visits.

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