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Robert Bass

Huber Heights, OH, United States


Since October 17 2015 I have seen (several times) what appears to be a Snow Bunting in summer plumage in my back yard flocking with other songbirds. I reported this to E-bird and was contacted by the state data reviewer (Victor Fazio). I sent him the same picture I am attaching here(it is grainy but does show an almost all white bird with black on its side. The bird is on the ground under a platform feeder. I thought it was a Snow Bunting due to its all white and black coloration and size. The one I saw October 15 had a black bill, black back all white body and looked exactly like the Snow Buntion out of Peterson’s book.

Anyway if not a Snow Bunting, it is a mostly all white bird with unusual coloring which I can not identify. E-Bird seems to think it is a Leucistic bird of unknown origin. It would be rare to see a snow bunting in this part of Ohio so early, especially in summer plumage??.


Leucistic birds

Partial Albino (Leucistic) Similiar To Snow Bunting

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