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Leroy Huber

Grand Lake-St Marys State Park, Celina, OH, USA


Albinism versus Leucism


Leucistic birds


Piebald American Robin

Last fall 2020, photo submitted by Teresa Patterson

8 replies on “Piebald American Robin”

Frank Strnad says:

Just saw one in our backyard just now – never thought of this happening to birds, only deer. I took pictures, but couldn’t get a really good picture bc of using a cell phone and distance from the bird.

Ava Johnson says:

Leucism can happen to almost all the creatures in the animal kingdom.

Terri S says:

Currently have one nesting at our home in northwestern Montana.

Greg S says:

Yes, we also have one in northwest Montana (Coram area).

TAG says:

I just had one land in a robin feeding flock in Lawrence, Kansas. It was a gift to see!

Janice Noyes says:

Have had this one in the yard for 2 days now–along with hundreds of regular robins. Thought I was seeing things. How rare is this in coastal North Carolina? I have lived on this property for 20 years–this is my first time seeing this bird.

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello Janice, This American Robin has a form of Leucism, which means feathers have no pigement or can appear white. This is a common phenomenon that can be seen in many birds, especially in birds like Rock Pigeons/Rock Doves. Feel free to check out our page on Unusual Birds, which has more information on plummage variations.

Margaret Downs says:

We have one residing in our yard in Louisville Kentucky. It is an absolutely beautiful bird. I have taken many pictures!

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