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Greta Leas

Jewett, OH, United States


We have many, numerous wild turkey flocks in the area; this day, however, I captured an all-white turkey within a flock. Could this be a true albino turkey? Or possibly just a domesticated one (I’m unaware of any turkey farms/production in the area)?

I captured this photo before Project FeederWatch begins, but am so interested as to what the origins and explanation of this white turkey that I wanted to submit it.

Photo was taken October 4, 2016, around 8:45am in Jewett, OH. Light rain, mild morning temperatures. Turkeys were in a field, backyard of a homestead in the area. Photo was taken from a car.

Thank you!




Possible Albino Wild Turkey?

Wild turkey flock with an all-white turkey included.

2 replies on “Possible Albino Wild Turkey?”

Bill Pineda says:

This is a naturally-occurring wild mutation. Very cool!

Ava Johnson says:

It is either leucism or albinism. If it has red/pink eyes then it is albino, if not then it is leucistic.

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