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Alison Curtis

Gooderham, ON, Canada


One of the male birds in the flock of purple finches (up to about 15 birds now) which visit our feeders includes this pale pink male. He is quite noticeable … we are calling him the ghost finch. There are a couple of other males in this group which are slightly paler than usual so maybe there is something genetic going on, but this particular bird is unmistakably different. Even non birder friends who were visiting asked about him. I tried to catch a photo with both him and a regularly coloured bird, but this one is particularly skittish and takes off at the slightest movement, so no luck so far.



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Species: Purple Finch

Pretty In Pink Purple Finch

One reply on “Pretty in Pink purple finch”

Kim says:

Wow! He almost reminds me of a Bourkes parakeet! Lovely find and great pic!

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