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John Clark

Spring, TX, United States


Deformed bill

Red-bellied Woodpecker With Deformed Bill

5 replies on “Red-bellied Woodpecker with deformed bill”

Kathy Miller says:

We saw a red Bellied with a long, curved bill. It seemed to be feeding very well on a palm, it didn’t strike me as a deformity but as an exotic bird. In the campground of Collier Seminole St Pk, Florida.

George A. Edelen says:

I saw a flicker at our bird feeder on 09APR18 and 10APR18 during early morning with a twisted peak. Our feeder is located on the patio several feet from a window.

Steph Scheu says:

Pair of Red bellied woodpeckers at our seed feeder. One had a white head and a twisted beak. The beak wouldn’t allow it to get at the seed, but it seemed healthy.

Alison swanson says:

Redbellied wood pecker near Albany ny has downward hook to the tip of his beak. Wonder what causes this?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Alison, You can learn more about deformed bills here.

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