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Susan Szeszol

River Grove, IL, United States



Red-winged Blackbird Featherless Head

5 replies on “Red-winged Blackbird Featherless Head”

Ron Burnett says:

I saw one today with a bald spot on crown of its head and part way down the back of its neck. I assume it is in some stage of molting. In Roundup MT

Carmelina says:

I have a red-winged black with a molted head visiting my bird feeder. I knew that Blue Jays molted their head feathers but not blackbirds. Did a search to be sure he wasn’t sick. Glad to find this image. 🙂 lol

juanita Vetter says:

July 7, 2021. Just had a redwing black bird at my feeder with no head feathers. Is this the time of year they are molting? I thought they molted I the spring.

Amber says:

We just saw a red winged blackbird at our feeder with absolutely no feathers on its head but full plumage otherwise. Also wondering if he might have been sick or something. I’ve never seen one looking like that before.
Southeast Michigan

Holly Grant, Project Assistant says:

Hi Amber, Usually when a bird is bald, it is dealing either with an abnormal molt (most often seen in cardinals and Blue Jays) or it could be related to mites, or a nutritional factor. You can learn more about bald-headed birds here.

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