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Carole Pines

Elora, ON, Canada


On Tuesday Mar 15, we saw this red-wing blackbird in our yard, with a white patch on its chest and reddish patch under its beak. There were several other normal redwing blackbirds that same day (and we’ve seen several every day for the past week or so), but this is the only time we’ve seen the one with the white/reddish patch. There are a few other white blobs in the photos, but that is snow that was falling. We took the photos through the window and had to zoom in a lot, so they are a bit unclear, but we are sure it was a redwing blackbird, just with that unusual colouring.


Leucistic birds

Red-winged Blackbird (leucistic)

One reply on “Red-winged Blackbird (leucistic)”

Ava Johnson says:

Neat find!

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