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Dennis Moninghoff

Laurel, MD, USA


Looks like the red-winged blackbird has a white collar.


Leucistic birds

Red-winged Blackbird With A White Collar

Red-winged blackbird who looks like he has a white collar - notice white marks around the neck. 1 of 3

3 replies on “Red-winged blackbird with a white collar”

Fay Lauf says:

We have seen a bird this fall with these markings (today too) at our home in Madison, Wi. What can you tell us about it. Thank you

Sulynn Hey says:

We have one here now living in the cattails around our pond. I can’t figure out how to put a photo here, but I got some good ones of it.

Bonnie says:

I saw one today in the cattails by the pond, here in Newcastle, CA. He had a definite white collar, only one I’ve ever seen like that.

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