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Anita Bhala

Pennington, NJ, USA


Canada with black and white speckled neck.


Leucistic birds


Salt & Pepper Canada Goose

Salt & Pepper

10 replies on “Salt & Pepper Canada Goose”

Jane nierman says:

First salt and pepper seen on our deep pond. Greenwood, Indiana

Kelly says:

Just saw one of these with much more white in Northwest Seattle!

Michelle L Bachtel says:

We currently have one of these on our pond in Plymouth Indiana. Very pretty goose!

Donna Kilbey says:

Just saw one this morning on an inlet on Pender Island, BC. Seemed to be staying separate from a flock of Canada Geese.

Barbara says:

There are three of these on a pond in Texarkana, Arkansas this morning. New to me but gorgeous birds!

Jason Greentree says:

Just had one land in the river in front of my house here in southern Ontario. 95% white neck and head with a few small black patches. Flying with about 9 regular Canadian geese.

victor dennett says:

We have one on our local canal widnes cheshire uk

B Negru says:

On the sonoma state university pond

Judy Wilson says:

March 2025

We have one on Laguna Creek, in Elk Grove, CA. It has paired with a regularly marked one.

Martha says:

Saw one in January 2024 at a large regional park in California. It came right up to me as if were tame. This one had beautiful blue eyes— really! I never knew there was a “Salt & Pepper Goose”.

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