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Roger Hayes

Carlyle, IL, United States


The pictured Junco has been in my yard the past 2 days. It is with other Juncos but not amidst them; rather on the edges similar to unusual species of gulls seen with Ring-billeds. The markings on the face are symmetrical. The back, not well shown, is lighter color with hints of rufous a la “Oregon Junco.” The edges of some flight feathers are white, also symmetrical. So Juncos hybridize with–guessing–Snow Buntings? If it’s partial albinism it’s odd that it’s mostly symmetrical. I say mostly because some white feathers on the tail do not appear to be symmetrical. The size and shape are like that of other Juncos.



Strange Junco

One reply on “Strange Junco”

Ava Johnson says:

I believe that is leucism (partial albinism). I have seen some photos of other birds with semi-symmetrical white markings but the markings are caused by leucism.

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