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Donna Lee Wilkins

Lakeside, Ontario, Canada


During my watch day on December 18/2016, this tan colored Junco appeared. It seems a tiny bit smaller than the other dark eyed junco around our feeders. I hope the image shows well that this bird is definitely a junco, but it is a very light tan color. It does have the pink beak and it’s behavior is distinctively Junco It has been at the feeder area for two days now and I will continue to watch to see if it stays around. I have been a bird watcher for many years and this is the first time I have seen a tan Junco. I googled it and did not find a similar picture. We wondered about albino, but then the entire bird should be white, shouldn’t it?


Leucistic birds

Tan Junco?

2 replies on “Tan Junco?”

Olivia says:

This Junco has Leucism, a partial white or light coloration of the feathers. The Junco is just very lightly colored with white wings because of this. Learn more in Unusual Birds in the Learn category.

Richard Greene says:

I just saw a similar tan Junco here in Indianapolis 11/07/20. A first for me!

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