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Barbara Sendelbach

Lafayette Township, NJ, United States


I assume he was scratching his head or got tangled in something and a clump of feathers remained pushed up and made his head to appear to have a crest.



Tufted Junco

I thought I'd style my hair like the "cool" birds...

5 replies on “Tufted Junco”

DaveM says:

Saw a tufted junco today ,santa cruz ca

Brenda says:

I have a tufted Junco coming to my bird feeder everyday!

Susan Maguire says:

I live in Orange County, NY (about 20-30 min from Lafayette, NJ) and just saw a tufted Junco on our fence.

marlene maria davis says:

We have a tufted junco visiting us every year. It comes alone and likes to bath in our swimming pool. It comes in October and leaves within a month. We live in Modesto california.

Peggy Staley says:

I have a tufted junco who comes to visit for the winter every year. I live in Myrtle Beach SC and was unsure if it really a junco. Thanks for the pictures. It confirmed my sighting

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