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Rod Nichol

Courtenay, BC, Canada


This little fellow showed up at our feeder last fall. We immediately noticed him because he had the odd white feather on his dark head. By the end of the season, the white feathers had multiplied and extended to the odd patch on his wings. He was so different from the other Juncos that we were sure he would be picked off by predators over the summer. You can imagine our surprise when he showed up this fall with even more white feathers – he now looks more like a canary than the Junco he is – and what a scrapper!



Unusual Oregon Junco

2 replies on “Unusual Oregon Junco”

Gordon says:

This sure looks like the one that has been feeding in my back yard with the rest of the juncos for the past week or so. I live in the Crown Isle area.

Susan Teruya says:

I have been having one of these at my feeder this week. Leucistic Oregon Junco.

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