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Melissa Streit

Lancaster, NY, United States


This chickadee is a common visitor to my feeders this year – The first picture shows its white head and the second picture shows the back of the head – it almost looks striped on the back of the head when flying. It’s not bald, just white on top of the head



White Capped Chickadee

4 replies on “White capped chickadee”

Linda Grubb says:

I also have a white capped (black capped) chickadee at my feeder today. Thanks for posting your photo. Looks very much like what I am seeing.

Vicki says:

I have one of them that comes to my bird feeders.

Linda says:

I also have a white capped chickadee at my feeder, it has the same markings on its back as a black capped chickadee, but the whole head was white first time that I ever saw one

Jan. 2019

Ann Gillespie says:

I have a white capped chickadee- it’s head is entirely white. It only feeds at noon on the ground under the feeder. I have searched everywhere for a photo of a bird like mine- to no avail.

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