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Elaine Deutsch

Brandamore, PA, United States


I first saw this finch on March 31, 2017. He was out on my feeders, but it was late and pouring rain, so I was not able to get decent photos. I saw him again on April 7th. I just saw him again this evening, right outside my kitchen window on the feeders.
I’m assuming that he is molting? But the beak is white as well. I can’t tell if he is a House Finch or a Gold Finch. I have plenty of both.



White Finch

White Finch 04-10-2017

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  • Tracey Chen says:

    did anyone ever identify it for you…because i just saw one at my feeder…(your post came up when i went online to search for what it was)…today is 8/9/18..and i’m in grants pass oregon and it’s midmorning on a river

  • Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi Tracey and Elaine,
    This bird is likely leucistic or albanistic. Because it is in a flock with House Finches, our best guess is that it is another House Finch. Because Albinism is the the inability to produce melanin, this is likely an albino bird. Leucistic birds usually have patches of white as opposed to being white all over. You can read more about Albino and Leucistic birds on our Unusual Birds webpage here:

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