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Nancy Eversman

Richfield Township, OH, USA


I saw this Blue Jay on February 2, 2018. I was startled to see the white head on this blue jay. The anomalous bird was sitting in a tree by the bird feeder, and a regularly colored blue jay was on a branch nearby to provide me with contrast. I only have one photo, but I have some video of this bird as well. However, your site does not take video submissions. If you would like that, please contact me and provide information on how to submit it.



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White-Headed Blue Jay

White-headed Blue Jay, Richfield Twp. OH

12 replies on “White-Headed Blue Jay”

Jeff says:

I also have a white headed blue jay at my feeder in Florida. Noticed him when we returned for the winter. I have a picture.

Monica Anderson says:

I’m seeing a white headed blue jay in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Jeffrey hill says:

I have a photo to submit that looks like a blue Jay with a Jack-in-the-box head! I hope it can be posted. I cant find anything even close.

Dee Bennett says:

I also just saw a completely white headed Bluejay in Potomac Maryland. Wasn’t able to snap a pic before it flew off. May 5, 2020

Dan says:

We have one that visits our back porch and feeders here in Bridgewater, Virginia.

Mary says:

Hello! On October 6 2020 at 7:00 pm ET I also saw a white headed Bluejay in my backyard. Ontario, Canada

Richard W White says:

We have a white headed blue Jay that visits us everyday to feed. He loves peanuts in the shell and usually hangs around most of the day. Chicago. 09 Oct 2020

Bern says:

Just seen for my first time in the woods by the National Zoo in DC

Julius says:

Also just saw one here as well

Linda Lewis says:

We have just encountered a similar white head/belly blue jay at our garden feeders. It’s such a majestic looking bird. Managed some decent video, but poor photos. Drayton, Ontario. October 26th 2021

Rodger Jay says:

Saw one today on my fence in pabama city fl. 13 April 2022. Hope he returns, no picture

Ava Johnson says:

This is called leucism. The white feathers are caused by an absence of pigments in the bird’s body.

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