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michelle cano

Brownsville, TX, United States


I looked out my kitchen window and saw a white sparrow eating with other regular sparrows on the ground in my backyard.


Leucistic birds


White Sparrow

White Sparrow

6 replies on “White Sparrow”

Mike Ratigan says:

I have been seeing a while sparrow feeding with the other sparrows at our feeder in Irondequoit by the Genesee River. I feel fortunate to have this visitor feeding here regularly.

Ojing jopir says:

I found one white sparrow

keith KNAPPER says:

we had a white sparrow out side our caravan in north wales, for over a week 30/6/2022

Brenda Swartz says:

I’m in Chicago (city of). I saw a pair of white sparrow sized birds hanging out with the other sparrows near our feeder mid-November 2022. They were round shaped like a sparrow, had wings with brown patches, a yellow beak like a finch and maybe yellow legs. They were just around for a week.

Raymond Renninger says:

I seen a white sparrow in Prospect Park Pennsylvania. 9 5 2023

Patricia Thomas says:

I also saw a white sparrow with a family of brown sparrows in August, 2023. I was so entranced I wrote a poem about this unusual bird. I wonder if it has surved.

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