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Traci McDonough

Fountaintown, IN, USA


This Junco has been visiting our feeder and I noticed his tail is white. I’m not certain if it’s leucistic or just has a couple of new feathers that came in white, as I read sometimes happens. Perhaps someone can let me know.


Leucistic birds

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Species: Dark-eyed Junco

White-Tailed Junco

Dark-eyed, Light-tailed Junco

3 replies on “White-Tailed Junco”

Arlene says:

I was just looking to see what this little one was because we had a similar visitor today. We get many juncos, but I had never seen one with just white tail feathers. Thank you for posting!

Ava Johnson says:

It’s most likely that he was attacked by something and lost his tail feathers and they just grew back white. When he molts next they should return to their normal color.

My husband spotted a white-tail Junco taking a bath in a puddle in the front yard. Then he landed in the tree. Identified with two bird field guides.

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