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Laura Johannsen

Jacksonville, FL, United States


This Chipping Sparrow was first seen on 11/15/14. I was able to photograph it for the first time on 1-18-15. I call it “Whitetail”. Whitetail appeared again for this feederwatch season on 11-16-15 and two days later I was able to get a decent photo. It was seen again on Jan 9th this year. Hopefully someone in one of the more northern states will someday see it also. I will let you know if it is seen again during the next season.


Leucistic birds

“Whitetail The Chipper”

1-18-15 photo of "Whitetail" Chipping Sparrow

2 replies on ““Whitetail the Chipper””

Michael Yablick says:

Thanks for sharing! We saw a similar bird in Bartow county, GA this year (March 2018). Here’s a link to the eBird checklist with photos:

Leslie says:

We just saw one in Hudsonville MIchigan

Will try to get a picture!

It also had white on its wings

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