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Evelynn Brogan

Worcester, MA, USA


These photos were taken at my suet feeder where I saw what seems to be a yellow Downy Woodpecker. I’m not sure if that’s actually what it is, but I couldn’t find any images online or in my books to compare to.



Yellow Downy Woodpecker

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Susan Johnston says:

Regards Evelynn,
I don’t know when you posted these pictures but I’m glad you did because I just had a Downy appear at my feeder looking just like this. Maybe even a little brighter yellow and these are the only photos I could find on the web. I was reading about carotenism but I don’t know if that is the explanation. Wondering if you ever learned cause? I haven’t been able to get a picture but I’ll keep trying.

Lisa N says:

We also have what appears to be a yellow-tinged Downy woodpecker. We are in Ham Lake, MN and it appeared the spring of 2022 and is a regular at our suet feeders. I can’t get a great picture.

Brittany says:

I came here looking for the same thing. We are in East Bethel and have had a couple frequent visitors! Didn’t know they could be yellow

Angela Earnshaw says:

We have seen 2 of these yellow anomalies of the downy woodpecker at our feeders recently. At first I thought maybe he is just covered in pollen, but he never changes from day to day. And today there was another downy male who was also mostly yellow where he should have been white. I am in eastern Ontario, CA.

Angela Earnshaw says:

Edit: The ones we have seen are actually hairy woodpeckers, not downy, as they are larger in size.

Dawn Buchanan says:

We have seen a male yellow-tinged downy woodpecker in Silver Bay NY on Lake George on our feeders starting around mid-June 2022. Bird appears healthy and is a stronger mustard-color where the white should be. Will try to get a picture as well.

Linda Young says:

I have also just seen this bird at our house in Harpursville NY. I can’t find any pictures to compare it to either. I looked through my bird books, the Audubon society website and a couple of different bird apps. Can’t find this guy anywhere. Wondering if it’s a cross breed of some sort of something. Does look like a downy or hairy woodpecker except he’s yellow.

Renie says:

Callicoon NY here, and I just had a very yellowish hairy woodpecker female at my suet feeder!

Kate Shaffar says:

I have one that’s been hanging around for a few weeks. He’s gorgeous. Haven’t been able to get a good shot! Southampton, MA

Jeff says:

We just had an extremely yellow red headed woodpecker on our feeder! I’m thinking he’s stained from pollen?

Jeff says:

Also in upstate NY **

Kate Shaffar says:

I have at least one that hangs out at mine! It’s gorgeous. Been here a few months. Southampton, MA

I just saw one in WV for the first time.

Sue Redding says:

I have a male and female here in Bitely Michigan

Mike Salvi says:

I just had a yellow Downy this evening in Hudson, NH. I thought it was a new species at first due to the yellow markings. I was able to get some photos. Some of the white feathers are still white, but most of them are definitely yellow.

Alison says:

We have a yellow downy here in Salem, NH. Has anyone gotten an explanation for the yellow tinge? Thanks!

Sue says:

We have one here today. South Lyon, MI

Ivy says:

I just spotted one today and came across this thread as the only other local sighting. I’m in Charlton, MA
Never seen such a color for a downy before but he’s cute.

KT Thomas says:

Just had one at the suet feeder in Northern WI. I’m hoping it returns so I can get a photo.

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