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Santa Fe, NM, United States


I was shooting a photo of the sunset when suddenly a hummer flew into the scene. It felt like a magical moment!

A Magic Moment

A magical moment in Santa Fe.

8 replies on “A Magic Moment”

Brenda Pritchard says:


Lisa says:

I vote for this one!

Janice Strollo says:

That was a magical moment! Beautiful!

laurie batchelor says:

Beautiful capture

Donna says:


Litlekim48 says:

gorgeous photo.

Jerri Dyke says:

Unexpected, depth of field with the tiny bird and the massiveness of the sunset. The orbs in the middle of the picture give it a sense of playfulness, which is befitting of the hummingbird.

Magical is a perfect caption for this pic! The feeders look like jewels..and the sky couldn’t be more perfect…….oh ,and the hummingbird is a nice addition♄

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