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Photo Submission

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jane nicholas

Jackson, MO, United States


This photo was taken through a window so I wouldn’t disturb him. This adult male Rufous hummingbird showed up at my feeder, which fortunately I still had up, on Nov. 26, 2014. He was banded on Nov. 30 and is healthy and feisty. I have put up two more feeders so he has his pick. With no other hummingbirds around he is the king of the yard. So far it hasn’t gotten below 28 degrees so freezing hasn’t been a problem.
I also have photos of him being banded, but I chose this one for the feeder watch contest because he’s on the feeder.

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A Winter Rufous In Missouri

A Rufous Hummingbird, in December, in Missouri!! This wayward bird was banded. He has been here since Nov. 26 and doesn't show signs of leaving.

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