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Sue Knott

Orchard Park, NY, United States


Some of my backyard feeders still peek out of the six-to-seven feet of snow we got this past November. The bushes and birdbath are buried, but plenty of tree limbs to rest on. And absolutely no worries of any cats happening by. The birds didn’t feel comfortable dining when the feeders suddenly became so close to the “ground,” but that was a good thing as I couldn’t make it back there to refill the feeders. Had to put additional feeders in the front yard along the shoveled path and driveway. Plenty of trees (and buried bushes) in front as well. The buried virbrium berries were mostly eaten already anyhow.


Bushes And Birdbath Are 6′ Under

6' of snow moved my birds from the bird-friendly backyard to the feeders I could reach in the front Nov 2014

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