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Patricia Cohn

Albuquerque, NM, United States


A small flock of bushtits flitted into the holly tree near the window. This one stayed while the rest flew off. It fell asleep and I got my camera and took a few snaps. The bird woke up just before I took this foto. I got one more before it flew off. Bushtits may be tiny gray birds (I call them ‘puffs’), but they are not boring. I love watching them fly in and out of the yard- flying in and out in twos and threes, chirping away, hopping here and there while they wait for an opening at the feeder.They flit and fly so fast it’s dizzying! They look like little bats when they’re swarming the suet feeder. The mountain chickadee and the ruby crowned kinglet are often with them. Not boring at all!

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Category: Week 10: "Boring" is Beautiful

Bushtit In The Holly Tree

Hey! Who says I'm boring?

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