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Tani Deaton

Big Cove, AL, United States


They flew through my area the other day looking for water and food, they found the food and my cedar berries!


Cedar Waxwing Eating Cedar Berries

Cedar Waxwing eating my cedar berries

6 replies on “Cedar waxwing eating cedar berries”

Freda Farley says:

Great pic….

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE! Very clear and professional!

Kimberly Lollis says:

love not only the picture but also the colors in it. It looks like winter in time for Christmas.

Linda Oliver says:

This photo is absolutely gorgeous. The bird looking up, the colors, the lighting and the beautiful foliage and berries all make for a spectacular composition!

ginny says:

I don’t think that my vote registered. No change in number “4” when I moused over photo.

Chelsea Benson says:

The “4” is the number of comments. The number of votes is not publicly available. Also, this contest is from 2014. Here is the link to the current contest:

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