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Vivian Lamb

Albuquerque, NM, United States


We have two Mountain Chickadees who live near us and visit this snowman every day. They are rivals and chase each other around the tree. The one pictured in this photo succeeded in chasing the other one out of the tree today, and and now he/she has a big snowman all to his/her self!

Mountain Chickadee do I make one of these?

3 replies on “Mountain Chickadee”

Sam Ellenport says:

What a happy, lucky bird. He probably thinks
this back yard should be home! A lovely picture.

Carol Hampar says:

That’s a beautiful picture. What a cute bird!

Ryoko Nagai says:

Nice two shot; a bird and a snowman!! Japanese tit would envy the
bird in your garden as he/she has got the never melting bird seed snowman. Heavy snow is already coming to the northern part of Japan. Are two birds rival or love couple…?

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