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Melissa Penta

Stroudsburg, PA, United States


My main native bird garden is young and covered in almost two feet of snow drifts so I will go with the next best thing – my balcony feeders. What makes them so special? They are in a location that outdoor cats cannot get to since they are two stories up with no access to the ground. I have various branches attached to the poles so that the birds have somewhere to wait their turn. Most importantly, in the winter, I set my old Christmas tree up under the feeders so that the feeder birds have protection against weather and birds or prey. A Sharp-shinned Hawk visited me a couple of days ago and Juncos hid from her in the tree. Eventually, the tree will end up in one of my brush piles.

Re-using An Old Christmas Tree

My winter feeding stations include branches for the birds to perch on and my old Christmas tree for extra protection against the weather elements and predators.

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