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Our Winter Bird Highlights, summarizing the results from the 2022-23 season, is now online.


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Don Wallace

Sequim, WA, United States


A very rare bird to sight, only five sighting have been recorded since 1921, but there are many more, they just go unnoticed. All the orange feathers are replaced with white feathers.

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White-morphed Varied Thrush

Where did the orange go? Still a Varied Thrush

5 replies on “White-morphed Varied Thrush”

David Harries says:

I live in Dexter OR. I was able to get several photos in my back yard. Looked like a Varied Thrush, with visits here. But was stunned that it had white where the orange should have been. very cool.

Sue Bream says:

I have had one in my yard in Gig Harbor, WA.
It is so pretty.

Arthur Allen says:

Found this White Morphed Varied Thrush going thru the alder chips in my our garden. It’s feeding is different from the orange variety, seems a little more aggressive in its digging for bugs. Only the one as far as we can tell. Does not feed or care about other birds. Very skittish

Arthur Allen says:

Oh yes, we live in Port Angele, Washington

Laura Y says:

I’ve just spotted a white varied thrush in our yard. My first ever and I had to look it up!

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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