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michelle cano

Brownsville, TX, United States


Black bellied whistling ducks in my yard. At week one, there was always 2. They obviously communicated to each other that I have great bird seed because now I have ,at times , 65!! They whistle in at 7:00 am, eat, fly away, then sometimes come back at 6:00pm. Sometimes their visit is cut short when the Cooper’s Hawk shows up– this is what they look like when it happens. Weeeedeee!!!

Weeeee It’s The Weekend!

3 replies on “Weeeee it’s the weekend!”

I also have an overwhelming amount of ducks at the feeder, but for me they’re Mallards!

Omar R. Bronstein says:

And a busy one it is, too!

Lynnie says:

Many thanks to those who submitted photos. I enjoyed them immensly.

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