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Karen Burke

Hazardville, Enfield, CT, USA


This Chickadee was photographed in my bird feeding station.

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Category: Category 2: Chickadees and Titmice only

Black Capped Chickadee With Bittersweet

The sweetest bird! So tiny, but so trusting, they will eat out of my hand.

14 replies on “Black Capped Chickadee with Bittersweet”

Katie Calcasola says:


Katie Calcasola says:

So sweet!

Sally says:

This one is so peaceful and beautiful!

Karen Burke says:

Thanks so much Sally!

Karen Burke says:

Thank you Katie 🙂

Cathy Grundmann says:

Love this shot ! Beautiful !

Debbie Grace says:

This is a beautiful classic!!! I love it.

Marie says:

Great image Karen!

Karen Burke says:

Thanks so much Marie, good luck to you 🙂

Karen Burke says:

Thank you Debbie 🙂

M. Howarth says:

Very beautiful!

Karen Burke says:

Thank you M. Howarth 🙂

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful shot!

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