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Mary Lou Jubin

Norton, OH, USA


Bluebirds love the meal worm feeders I make by recycling Dairy Queen Sundae Cups! I have four of the feeders wired to my deck. The bluebirds sit atop my fraser fir trees and wait and watch for me to add meal worms to the cups. Quickly the birds come to my deck to enjoy a free “meal worm sundae!” It’s a treat for me to observe the beautiful bluebirds up close and personal!


Dairy Queen Bluebird Sundae

Dairy Queen Bluebird Sundae!

12 replies on “Dairy Queen Bluebird Sundae”

Sue Wheeler says:

Wonderful picture and great way to recycle DQ container!

Joanne E Fox says:

The colors are so vibrant!

Veronica Schell says:

How cute. What a great idea for recycling. Great picture

Evelyn Crawford says:

What a darling photo. I’m sure the bluebird and Dairy Queen are grateful to you!

Annette Hermetz says:

Another stunning photo of birds doing “their thing”. Go green with a blue bird!

Can’t be blue very long when looking at this colorful bluebird!

Jessica Ritter says:

What a great way to get even more out of a DQ sweet treat!

Carole O. says:

Thanks for sharing this idea!

Sarah Manka says:

I like the unusual vantage point. Very unique.

Lucy Gelley says:

Once again, you captured a beautiful photo !

Lucy Gelley says:

Once again, you captured the perfect photo ! Beautiful colors!

Lucille Gelley says:

Well you did it again ! You captured a beautiful photo ! Lots of color and a bird recycling!

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