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Shirley Caldwell

Erie, PA, USA


Gynandromorph Cardinal spotted by my husband and photographed by me Jan. 2019

Gynandromorph Cardinal

15 replies on “Gynandromorph Cardinal”

Lucinda says:

I think Shirley captured the beauty of this very rare bird!

Cheryl Elder says:

Great shot

Cheryl Elder says:

Voting for Shirley Caldwell

Gretchen Sanderson says:

Very cool looking bird right in my hometown!

Darla Allburn says:

Awesome pic

Candy Kennedy says:

So interesting I never knew such a bird existed. Beautiful.

Lynn Burkard says:

This is a fantastic capture.

Marjorie C Muller says:

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and your one lucky woman to get to see this.

Diane says:

Such a beautiful bird in my hometown of Erie, PA

Ginny Johnson says:

This is one of the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen. When I saw the photo, and read the science behind the phenomenon, I was completely enthralled. Thumbs up to Shirley capturing such an image.

Marge Gibson says:

Amazing morph! Beautiful quality image and that I am sure will be used in future ornithology books to describe this morphmarmar

Tracy says:

Perfect timing for Shirley to catch such a rare beauty!! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a gynandromorph..I thoroughly enjoyed the very informative article and learned so much I otherwise would not have known had I not seen this!! I’m a big birdie and seeing something as amazing as this brings me such joy!!! Thank you Shirley for sharing with us a peek into your backyard!!

Shirley says:

Thank you to all who have commented… I greatly appreciate it! Again, thank you!

Robin Reilly says:

Wow!!! I am in awe of this!!! Great eye you had to spot that. We love our Cardinals and this discovery is phenominal. Were you able to record on video any of its behavior? I vote for you.

Rhonda Craig says:

Definitely a winning shot. So beautiful!!

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