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Mary Lou Jubin

Norton, OH, USA


Every year I plant a variety of flowers that attract gold finches. I find my gold finches especially love Heliopsis “Summer Sun.” I’ve planted “Summer Sun”, a perennial, in a variety of locations and beside a window so I can observe the finches up close! I also keep a feeder filled with niger seed. Although gold finches are common I want to keep them in my yard year round to enjoy their beauty.

Hungry Goldfinches

Hungry Goldfinches

9 replies on “Hungry Goldfinches”

Hey, Goldfinches, you are welcome at my house too!

Veronica says:

Really great matching colors.

Goldfinches who don’t mind sharing!

Susan Murrell says:

I love Goldfinches! Your pictures are always awesome. It’s fun to see pictures showing a male and female.

Annette Hermetz says:

Such lovely complimentary color presence!

Leah Barnette says:

Beautiful picture of the pretty finches.

Deborah Stephenson says:

I vote for “Hungry Goldfinches”.

Don McCardle says:

Beautiful photo. The detail in this photo is exquisite.

Your beautiful photos always bring a smile to my face, Thank you!

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