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Walt Cochran

Gardner, KS, USA


While driving one evening along the dam of a local lake, I was very surprised to have this young Short-eared Owl fly up from the spillway and surprise me–it was pretty late in the evening and the sun was going down. This owl as well as several others were hunting the grassy side of the spillway. I had my camera with me and this little guy allowed me to back-up and take a close-up! I wish the light would have been better as I had to shoot the image hand-held from my car with a super high ISO setting. THE BEST PART OF THIS experience was that my disabled daughter who likes to take “birding and wildlife” drives with me was able to see one of the awesome owls close-up from our wheel-chair van.


Short-eared Surprise

AWARD WINNER: Third Place Grand Prize and Category 7: People\'s Choice

28 replies on “Short-eared Surprise”

Marilyn kirk says:

Excellent picture

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Freida Cochran says:

Beautiful shot

Wanda Lindsay says:

Great picture!

Charlene Hobbs says:

Awesome beauty

Melissa Bruce says:

Such an awesome photo!! And great story. #teamlindsay

Lori Grant says:


Madie says:

Nice shot Mr. Cochran!

Sadie says:

Love it!!

Max Clark says:

THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

Betes Evans says:

Truly Epic

Emily says:

Breathtaking photo!

Trey Evans says:

WHoooooo whooo this dawgs eyes are wild

Denise Wylie says:

Hooo loves this photo..I do!!! Awesome! 🙂

Beverly says:


What an amazing shot!

Linda says:

A gorgeous photo!

Ann Tanner says:

Wonderful photo! Such a surprise to see one, much less so close. I love your story behind the photo too. So special!

Julie Kinser says:

Absolutely beautiful. Great shot of the majestic owl.

Lynda says:


Carole says:

I love this photo! You were so lucky to see it and then be able to photograph the bird. Awesome!

Loren Goss says:

Very nice photo in my book. Sometimes you just have to seize the moment or risk the chance of losing a rare shot.

Lilly says:

Beautiful. We do see them often here at the lake.

Tyler Williams says:

Very cool, keep grinding coach

Anita Watters says:

Love it

Lisa says:

This is stunning! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!

Cristina Hartshorn says:

Beautiful photo and even more beautiful story! I hope that your daughter will enjoy many amazing moments like this in the future.

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