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Diane Marshman

New Milford, PA, USA


White Breasted Nuthatch doing it’s aerobics.

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The Aerobic Nuthatch

The Aerobic Nuthatch

14 replies on “The Aerobic Nuthatch”

Barbara Moore says:

Love this photo

Pamela says:

This is an amazing picture.

Chris Q says:

What a great picture!

Debra Shepeard says:

So awesome

Jean Sucec says:

Amazing and absolutely gorgeous!

Karen Eadie says:


Traci ebersole connolly says:

Love this picture so much

Carole says:

Stunning as awesome. Such a unique shot!!

dave says:

Great pic !!!!!!

Theresa Nickels says:

Great timing on a wonderful shot!

Bob says:

Like the spread of the wings and the clarity of the feathers on the back.

Terri Engle says:

What a great shot!

Beautiful, am going to look at it instead of looking out my window…This is a Winner

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