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BirdSpotter is our way of rewarding all of you who help Project FeederWatch scientists learn about birds in your backyard. Sign up for a kit, upload your photos here, and help us reach this year's goal of 25k active FeederWatch participants!

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Week 13: People’s Choice

Grand Prize Winner

Christmas Card Perfect

Janet Lewis

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States

I had such a difficult time deciding which image to submit this week! I have some real gems of both American Goldfinches and House Finches, so narrowing it down was a real challenge

I finally decided on this one. It’s just a common male House Finch. But he dangled on the end of this snow covered pine branch after one of this year’s first winter snow storms, contemplating his next move. I love the contrast of his vivid rosy pink coloring against the snow, the tilt of his head, the over the shoulder glance which shows off both his pretty pink head and interesting wing markings. Christmas card perfect!

Week 12: Judges’ Choice

Second Place Winner

Bluebird Breakfast Table

Mike Bons

Stirling, ON, Canada

Adult male and female eastern blurbirds feeding a couple of their fledglings.

Week 15: Judges’ Choice

Third Place Winner

Hummingbird needs help

Larry Keller

Lititz, PA, United States

Poor Hummingbird had a flower pull from the plant a stuck to her bill, She shook it of in a second.

Week 15: People’s Choice

Surprise Guest!

Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, United States

I was surprised by the appearance of a European Goldfinch during the February 15, 2016 snowstorm. This bird appear two weeks before during another snowstorm, but then disappeared. I had no idea what species this bird was, except it looked somewhat similar to a Goldfinch and it seemed to feed with the American Goldfinches. I looked it up in my mid-Atlantic field guide and in my eBird app, but could not find it. After searching images online, I was finally able to identify the bird and learned it was NOT native to the United States and probably originally entered through the pet trade. After a few days it was gone, but then it suddenly showed up during the 2nd snow storm right outside my window. It appeared to be curious about me as it watched me watching him for a few minutes. This male fed throughout the day at several of my feeders and the day after the storm and has disappeared again.

Week 14: Judges’ Choice


Karen Burke

Enfield, CT, United States

A Sharp-shinned Hawk with a starling. Taken in my yard last winter.

Week 14: People’s Choice

Two Osprey, One Fish

S Beebe

Show Low, AZ, United States

An Osprey caught the fish prize and the second Osprey tried to fish-jack it away. No luck for the second Osprey!

Week 13: Judges’ Choice

“My best side”

Grace Donald

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Purple Finch posing on a red branch–looks very stylish

Week 12: People’s Choice

Bluebird on an icy winter day.

Mary Lou Jubin

Norton, OH, United States

The bluebirds stay year round in Ohio. On snowy days they know I will always have food and warm water available. Seeing the beautiful bluebirds always brighten the dark winter days!

Week 11: Judges’ Choice

Kinglets Enjoying A Bath

Craig Kerns

Lake Forest Park, WA, United States

These two fledgling golden-crowned kinglets were part of a group of six that arrived last spring in my back yard. They returned many times to take enthusiastic baths in the bamboo spout and were always unaccompanied by adults.

Week 11: People’s Choice


Donald Lapointe

Québec, QC, Canada

Week 10: Judges’ Choice

Fighting for Attention

May Haga

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Sharp-tailed Grouse on a lek near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The males gather early in the morning and dance for several hours. When they get hungry they leave the lek looking for food. While it is often called dancing, in fact, what they are doing is showing off for the ladies. Trying to prove that they are the toughest, strongest, most agile and will provide good genes for the new offspring. While the leking is done in the spring to facilitate breeding they can generally be found on the lek most mornings in the fall and winter. Morning is the most popular time but they can also be found there in the evenings.

Week 10: People’s Choice

California Quail Portrait

Jim Leonard

Salem, OR, United States

I photographed this California Quail out my pickup window driving through Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

Week 9: Judges’ Choice

Snowy Owl at Sunset

Jessica Kirste

Highlands, NJ, United States

Week 9: People’s Choice

Sticks for the Nest

Kim Hull

Alexandria, VA, United States

The male Osprey of the pair I followed from 2008 until I moved in 2014 to Missouri. Pops Osprey was a most excellent provider.

Week 8: Judges’ Choice

Quite a bill-full for a Titmouse

Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, United States

I always enjoy watching the Titmice compete with the Blue Jays to see which can empty a feeder of its whole peanuts faster.

Week 8: People’s Choice

Dine and Dash

Becky O\'Neill

Blackfoot, ID, United States

My in-laws recently moved into a house near the local Greenway. The morning after Christmas I braved the cold temps (-5 F) to photograph birds in the hoary frost and I lucked out and came upon a small flock of Black-capped Chickadees foraging by the river. They would sprint out of a tree grab seeds of the dead foliage and dash back into the comfort of the tree. I tried to photograph this, but just couldn’t get the shot. On my way back home I used the remaining photos in my digital camera and did a “hail Mary with Autofocus” and was rewarded with the Chickadee shot of a lifetime. I don’t think I will ever top this Chickadee Photo.

Week 7: Judges’ Choice

Chipping sparrow

Kim Caruso

Topsfield, MA, United States

Juvenile chipping sparrows enjoying a bath on a warm summer afternoon

Week 7: People’s Choice

Nelson’s Sparrow

Ryan Sanderson

Geneva, IN, United States

This Nelson’s Sparrow was one of several seen at Limberlost Swamp Wetland Preserve in Geneva, Indiana, early October, 2015. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful of all North American Sparrows.

Week 6: Judges’ Choice

American Crow


Charles Town, WV, United States

An American Crow shows off its beautiful feathers as it sits on a bench beside the Shenandoah River.

Week 6: People’s Choice

Robin Wrapped in Autumn

Brian Lowry

Leota, IN, United States

A number of birds had been feeding on dogwoods throughout our property. This particular tree was near our farm pond, not far from a much larger dogwood. While I sat under the shade of the larger dogwood, this robin fed and rested.

Week 5: Judges’ Choice

The desert cardinal

Dan Garber

Big Bend National Park, TX, United States

Week 5: People’s Choice

Blue Grosbeak

Mike Timmons

Linton, IN, United States

Blue Grosbeak perched and singing near the roadside at Goose Pond FWA.

Week 4: People’s Choice

Sparring Flickers

Judi Dressler

Louisville, CO, United States

I had just gone into the kitchen for a cup of tea, when I saw these two Northern Flickers on my deck railing, staring each other down and doing their head dance. A few minutes later, they flew up at each other in an aerial confrontation, and then took off in different directions.

Week 4: Judges’ Choice

Brown-headed Nuthatch (Sitta pusilla) sitting in a subtle snow shower

Christy Cox

Marietta, GA, United States

A Brown-headed Nuthatch (Sitta pusilla) perches quickly on a broken branch during a light morning snow shower. This nuthatch is smaller in size than the White-breasted Nuthatch as well as faster in movement and flight. Their small size is not represented in their loud and distinct “squeaky-dog-toy” chirp. When two of these Brown-headed Nuthatches get together the squeaks they make talking back and forth to one another is extremely comical.

Week 3: People’s Choice

The Watcher: He’s behind me, isn’t he….?

roberta pharis

Parsons, WV, United States

Week 3: Judges’ Choice

Reddish Egret Dance

Melissa Penta

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Brevard County, FL, United States

We watched as this Reddish Egret ran, jumped and danced all throughout the calm pond. It caught small fish in the shallow water and put on a great show.

Week 2: Judges’ Choice

Sitting Pretty

linda norman

New Denver, BC, Canada

I took a lot of photos of this Rufous Hummingbird at the the Kohan Gardens one sunny afternoon and this is my favourite photo of the batch.

Week 2: People’s Choice

Keep Looking Up

Diane Marshman

New Milford, PA, United States

Juvenile male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Week 1: People's Choice

Pitcher full of treats!

Eileen Chorba

Beach Lake, PA, United States

Week 1: Judges’ Choice

backyard paradise for birds

mel carlson

Spotsylvania, VA, United States

two ponds with connecting stream, bluebird house, hummingbird feeder, tube feeder, lots of shelter and other food sources

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  3. 3There will be two winners each week: one photo that received the most votes and one "Judges' Choice." Winners are announced on Mondays and will be entered to win the Grand Prize!
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Contest runs Nov. 11 through February 29th.

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Weekly Prizes

From Droll Yankees

  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 1 Prizes: Your Yard & Feeders

    • A-6F Classic Bird Feeder for Sunflower Seed - pure authentic Droll Yankees. 1lb. seed capacity. Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
    • Squirrel & Weather Guard with Green Accents - hangs over a feeder to protect the food and feeding birds from the elements. Keeps squirrels from accessing the hanging feeder below.
    • Omni Seed Tray - turns a tubular bird feeder into a platform feeder that will attract a higher variety of birds.
    • Standard Hook - hang your feeder anywhere! Over 2 feet long and fits over a 6″ diameter tree branch. Made of solid aluminum that will last for years.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 2 Prizes: Hummingbirds

    All Droll Yankees Hummingbird feeders come with a free port brush for cleaning and the perfect nectar recipe engraved right on the feeder.

    • Happy Eight 2 Hummingbird Feeder - Attract a whole charm of hummingbirds with this 1 quart nectar feeder! 8 ports with a circular perch ring provide ample feeding space and the low profile cover allows for unobstructed views.
    • Little Flyer 4 Hummingbird Feeder - Bright red feeder features separate perches at all four ports for perfect individual hungry hummer feeding spots. 10 ounce nectar capacity.
    • Ruby Sipper Hanging Hummingbird Feeder in Lavender - Perfect pairing of whimsical fun and practical performance, all in one stylish saucer feeder. Floats on a graceful stainless steel hanger. 5 ounce nectar capacity.
    • Flower Garden Pole - Pole mount your hummingbird feeder for reliable feeding in all weather. 46” pole provides secure mount for all threaded base feeders that won’t falter.
    • Window Hummer 3 Hummingbird Feeder - 2 Ports. Brings the hummers right to your window! Suction cup bar attaches feeder right to the outside of the window to bring hummingbirds up close.
    • Ant Moat - Stylish and effective! The sweet little red cup with scalloped details coordinates with most hummingbird feeder color schemes. Impenetrable watery barrier keeps ants away from nectar.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 3 Prizes: Birds with Food or at the Feeder

    • Onyx Clever Clean 18" Sunflower/ Mixed Seed Feeder - The ultimate in elegance and innovation. Black twist off base and ports offer a stylish look and speedy clean. The 180 degree, two position comfort perch rings at all four ports for easy feeding access for birds of all sizes. Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage. Proudly made in the USA.
    • Clever Clean Seed Tray in Smoke - Smokey coloring matches the sophistication of the Onyx Clever Clean Series Feeders. Tray collects fallen seed and prevents ground accumulation to cut back on mess and wasted seed. No need to remove tray when twisting off the clever clean base! Tray is designed to stay in place when base is detached.
    • Seed Scoop - 2 pound capacity fills most feeders in one scoop! Flat bottom prevents seed spillage when scoop is placed down. Translucent blue plastic is tough and sturdy for many years of feeder filling. Use all over the house for many tasks, like scooping rock salt, pet food, or grain.
    • Warning Web - Helps minimize bird strikes. Science based design prevents birds from flying into windows by mimicking a sticky spider's web, a natural bird deterrent. Static cling goes virtually unnoticed to human eyes.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 4 Prizes: Woodpeckers & Nuthatches

    Make a bird haven in your own backyard with this diverse feeding station! Offer peanuts, suet and seed in one pole system. Stations eliminate competition for feeding space. All birds, big and small, will flock to this feast!

    • New Generation 13" Peanut Feeder with Green Accents - Woodpeckers go nuts for peanuts! Offer the good stuff in this durable basic feeder with sturdy metal parts and a long lasting hardware cloth tube. Birds can cling to the mesh and munch away!
    • Suet Feeder Pole Clamp Single - Give the birds what they want! Pole mounted cage for suet, unshelled peanuts, or fruit can be useful all year long. Suet offers much needed nutrients in winter and fruit for a sweet summer time treat.
    • Garden Pole - Anchor your feeding station on this sturdy pole. 68” pole offers ample secure space to mount feeders. Arrange the other products in this package on this pole to create a personal all-in-one feeding station.
    • Giant Seed Tray - This versatile tray acts like a platform feeder, seed catcher, and pole mounted squirrel guard all in one! 18.5” tray holds 1 pound of seed. Sloped sides prevent squirrels from gaining access from below. Install bird feeders above this tray.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 5 Prizes: Cardinalidae

    • Jagunda Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder with Auger - Fall and winter bring flocks of cardinals and other birds all looking to feed in your backyard. What better way to cater to the masses than with an all-encompassing large capacity platform feeder? Feeder reservoir holds 6 pounds of seed for lots of feeding between fillings. 18.5” tray offers a spacious platform feeder, which has sloped sides that double as a pole mounted squirrel baffle. Mounts securely to the included 5.5’ pole and features a no- tilt ground auger for added security. Cleaning and refilling is easy with our Collet Technology. Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage and proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 6 Prizes: Boring is Beautiful

    Prepare for the easiest feeder cleaning routine ever! Thanks to their super simple design, the Ring Pull Feeders will have you back up and feeding in no time after cleaning.

    • Ring Pull 23" Midnight Blue Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder - Woodpeckers go nuts for peanuts! Offer the good stuff in this durable basic feeder with sturdy metal parts and a long lasting hardware cloth tube. Birds can cling to the mesh and munch away!
    • Ring Pull 15" Finch Feeder - A modern approach to clean with a feeder that is fresh, colorful and easy to use! Rust proof Finch Flocker yellow powder coated cap, base, and ports draw finches in. Special flower ports feed Nyjer seed economically without spillage. Feeder can be cleaned and reassembled in a flash. Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage. Proudly made in the USA.
    • Omni Seed Tray - Make any tubular feeder a platform feeder! Catching spilled seeds will save money! Sturdy UV stabilized polycarbonate construction holds up for years of feeding. 10.5” diameter provides a broader, surer footing to allow larger birds to join the feeding fun. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 7 Prizes: New World Sparrows & Allies

    • Dorothy's Cardinal Feeder - Bring ground feeding birds to eye level with this platform feeder! The 13" diameter platform holds 1 pound of seed. Offer mealworms, suet, or fruit to the Juncos, Sparrows, and other ground feeders. 15" clear dome to protect the seed from the weather. Sturdy UV stabilized polycarbonate construction stands up to the elements. Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage. Made in U.S.A.
    • Standard Hook - Hang your Dorothy’s Cardinal Feeder from a tree limb with ease! This 2 foot hook fits over any 6 inch diameter branch. Constructed of solid aluminum, making it super durable and long lasting.
    • Silhouette Window - mount Songbird Feeder - Our “songbird and blueberries” design makes this window feeder a stylish addition to your window. The black metal bracket attaches to your window with three strong suction cups. The sturdy, 6” clear seed dish locks into the bracket and holds 2 cups of seed, fruit, or mealworms. The silhouette motif is positioned below the dish to provide a clear view of the birds
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 8 Prizes: Chickadees & Titmice Only
    Extended through January 5th

    • Big Top Bird Feeder - Bigger is better! Large 3 lb. seed capacity reduces the frequency of refills. Seed bowl features eight feeding stations below to accommodate clinging birds. Adjustable valves regulate the flow of all types of seeds. Constructed of durable UV stabilized polycarbonate. Generous 15″ wide dome protects the seed from squirrels, large birds, and bad weather. Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage and proudly made in the U.S.A.
    • Tweet Spot with Drainage Holes - Sweet and colorful little window feeders that can be used to offer seed, fruit, or mealworms. Stack more than 1 dish to offer up a variety of foods and attract different species of birds. Two strong suction cups hold the sturdy UV stabilized polycarbonate feeder to the window. With the low profile dish, songbirds will be as close as the window!
    • Tweet Spot without Drainage Holes - This dish is designed without drainage holes to hold water, fruit, jelly, or mealworms.
    • Tweet Spot Canopy - Attaches to your window with two strong suction cups to protect Tweet Spot dishes and other similarly sized window feeders from the weather. Specifically designed to position over one Tweet Spot® feeder, or over a vertical stack of Tweet Spots. Clear UV stabilized polycarbonate means unobstructed views of visiting birds.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 9 Prizes: Birds in Flight
    January 6th — January 10th

    • Observer Window Feeder - Watch birds as they feed right at the window. The clear UV stabilized polycarbonate construction makes this feeder ideal for unobstructed bird viewing. Offer seed, fruit, mealworms, or suet in the 7 inch dish while the cover deflects weather and keeps large birds out.
    • New Generation 15" Burgundy Sunflower / Mixed Seed Feeder - Sturdy metal top, base, and 4 ports are powder coated in burgundy. UV stabilized polycarbonate tube keeps seed levels visible. The base is threaded to attach the seed tray.
    • Squiggle Hook - Hang your feeder from this hook and give birds a convenient space to wait their turn to feed. Over 3 feet of waiting space for hungry birds! The 12” Squiggle Hook securely hangs a feeder and gives birds a place to wait for an available feeding port. The sturdy stainless steel construction holds up to 10 pounds.
    • A-6 Seed Tray - Attaches to the bird feeder to save seed and attract a larger variety of birds! Catch seed dropped by feeding birds. Avoid attracting pests. Turn your tube feeder into a platform feeder that bigger birds can feed from. 7.5" UV stabilized polycarbonate tray attaches with the included threaded black plug- no tools needed!
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 10 Prizes: Ground Dwellers
    January 13th — January 17th

    Assemble the pieces as they are listed below to create the ideal multi-level squirrel proof, weather protected platform bird feeding haven for ground dwellers! Trays and cover are sturdy UV stabilized polycarbonate and proudly made in the U.S.A.

    • Ultimate Pole Auger - Stabilizer for this feeding station. Ground screw installs in under 2 minutes with a simple twisting motion. No need to dig holes. Rust proof galvanized, powder coated steel construction.
    • Garden Pole - 68" rust proof, galvanized, powder coated steel pole offers ample secure space to mount feeder trays and create an all-in-one feeding station.
    • Giant Seed Tray - Squirrel proofing and platform feeding all in one! 18.5" tray holds 1 pound of seed. The sloped sides prevent squirrels from shimmying up the pole and gaining access to seed from below.
    • Universal Seed Tray - Offer seed, suet, fruit, or mealworms on this accommodating 13" tray. Plenty of perching space for birds of all sizes and stable, sure footing for ground feeding birds.
    • Universal Cover - Weather protection for bird feeding in all seasons! Raise or lower the 14.75" cover over the seed trays to manage your desired visiting bird size.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 11 Prizes: Birds & Water
    January 20th — January 24th

    • Shepherd's Envy Pole System - This pole system assembles in minutes and is the ideal sturdy place to hang your bird feeder. Simply attach the three legs and screw the “No Tilt” auger into the ground, add the pole sections and 16" arm, and you’re ready to go. The arm features a locking hook to keep your feeder securely hung. Galvanized, rust resistant powder coated steel construction.
    • New Generation 13" Peanut Feeder with Black Accents - Woodpeckers go nuts for peanuts! Offer the good stuff in this durable basic feeder with sturdy metal parts and a long lasting hardware cloth tube. Birds can cling to the mesh and munch away!
    • New Generation 15" Green Sunflower/ Mixed Seed Feeder - The perfect basic bird feeder for all backyard feeding stations! Sturdy metal top, base, and 4 ports are powder coated in forest green. The UV stabilized polycarbonate tube keeps seed levels visible so you’ll always know when it’s time to refill. This feeder is proudly made in the U.S.A.
    • Seattle Rain Guard - This dome allows for feeding fun in all kinds of weather and perfect for keeping mesh peanut feeders dry! 10" dome keeps seed and birds dry. It also fits directly on all 2-1/2″ diameter tube feeders. The durable UV stabilized polycarbonate construction lasts for years and years.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 12 Prizes: Thrushes
    January 27th — January 31st

    • X-1 Seed Saver - Change foods with the season to keep bird visitors happy all year. 3/4 pound capacity is perfect for seed, fruit, mealworms, or suet. 10" domed cover protects from the elements and can be adjusted to control the size of feeding birds. The clear UV stabilized polycarbonate construction allows for unobstructed views of feeding birds. This feeder is proudly made in the U.S.A.
    • Silhouette Wall Mount Songbird Feeder - Decorative and functional, this feeder adds charm to any yard! The sturdy, 6” clear seed dish locks into the bracket and holds 2 cups of seed, fruit, or mealworms. Attach with the included wood screws for convenient placement and bird viewing.
    • Covered Platform Feeder - Feed flocks of birds on this spacious fly through feeder! The 13” tray is perfect for a variety of feeding options. Birds can stop and eat or grab a bite and fly away. The adjustable 14.75” cover can be raised for all access feeding or lowered for songbird selective feeding. It’s an effective weather guard too! This clear, UV stabilized polycarbonate feeder offers prime views of feeder visitors and is proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 13 Prizes: Finches & Friends
    February 3 – February 7

    • Onyx Clever Clean 12" Finch Magnet - Attract twice the amount of finches! Diamond-shaped openings align nicely with Nyjer® seed so finches can pull seed out while clinging to the mesh. Over 50 openings per square inch means twice as many hungry finches. Twist and release removable base technology with rust resistant powder coated metal tube for long lasting, easy to use feeding. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
    • Bottoms Up 16" Finch Feeder - Flood the yard with a sea of lemony brilliance and cater to goldfinches exclusively with this upside down feeder! House Finches won’t use it. Birds hang upside down and pull Nyjer seeds out through the 6 specially designed small ports. Powder coated zinc cap and base and the UV stabilized polycarbonate tube, which holds 1 pound of seed, make this feeder durable. Backed by Droll Yankees Lifetime Warranty Against Squirrel Damage. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
    • Clever Clean Seed Tray - Save seed and money with this awesome tray. It attaches to Onyx Clever Clean feeders in a flash. Collects fallen seed and prevents ground accumulation to cut back on mess and wasted seed. No need to remove tray when twisting off the clever clean base! Tray is designed to stay in place when base is detached.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 14 Prizes: Birds of Prey
    February 10 – February 14

    • The Winner Multi-Purpose Window Feeder - Watch feeding birds right at your window. Sturdy clear polycarbonate construction doesn’t obstruct views of the birds. ½ pound capacity dish for fruit, seed, or suet. Height adjustable domed cover provides weather protection. Suction cup bar mounting offers easy removal for refills and cleaning.
    • B-7F Classic sunflower / Mixed Seed Bird Feeder - Nothing beats a Classic! One of the original Droll Yankees' designs. UV stabilized polycarbonate seed tube holds 2.5 pounds of seed. 6 ports with perches for ample feeding space. Zinc plated metal components resist squirrel's chewing. A stainless steel bail wire ensures feeder will hang securely.
    • Locking Chain - The 18" chain with snap-lock hook ensures your feeder is securely hanging. Rust resistant, plated steel construction.
  • Droll Yankees Weekly Prizes

    Week 15 Prizes: The Unexpected
    February 17 – February 21

    • Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - Send squirrels on a wild ride and get hours of entertainment watching them try unsuccessfully to infiltrate this feeder! The flipper has a motor driven, battery powered, weight activated perch ring. Birds will not set it off, not even larger species like Woodpeckers and Cardinals. But the minute a squirrel hops on to the perch, the motor is triggered and the feeder begins spinning, taking the squirrel for a whirl before it loses its grip and is thrown gently from the perch. The clear 17" UV stabilized polycarbonate seed tube hold 5 pounds of seed and is too long and large in circumference for squirrels to navigate. Hanging is a cinch with the sturdy stainless steel looped hanging wire.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Weekly Prizes from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Lab Cedar Waxwing Mug
  • Lab Field Notebook
  • Lab Tote Bag
  • Lab Magnetic Note Pad
  • Lab Pen

Grand Prizes

First Place

First Place Prizes
  • $300 gift certificate to
  • Your choice of a series of 5 webinars
  • Framed Charlie Harper print
  • 2 bags of Birds & Beans Bird Friendly coffee
  • Lab Sweatshirt
  • Lab T-shirt

Second Place

Second Place Prizes
  • $200 gift certificate to
  • Lab sweatshirt
  • One bag of Birds & Beans Bird Friendly Coffee
  • Framed Charlie Harper print

Third Place

Third Place Prizes
  • $100 gift certificate to
  • Lab t-shirt
  • One bag of Birds & Beans Bird Friendly coffee
  • Framed Charlie Harper print

2015-16: Weekly Categories

Want to plan your submissions for each week? Here's a peak at the categories for this season.

Week 1

November 11 - November 15

Your Yard & Feeders

Week 2

November 18 - November 22


This week: hummingbird photos only!

Week 3

November 25 - November 29

Birds with Food or at the Feeder

Show us your hungry birds!

Week 4

December 2 - December 6

Woodpeckers & Nuthatches

All species of woodpeckers & nuthatches are welcome!

Week 5

December 9 - December 13


The Cardinalidae family includes cardinals, grosbeaks, tanagers, Dickcissels, and buntings.

Week 6

December 16 - December 20

Boring is Beautiful

Birds that you might consider “boring” are the heart of our dataset! Show us your common, “boring” birds!

Week 7

December 23 - December 27

New World Sparrows & Allies

This taxonomic group includes sparrows, juncos, and towhees, but not House Sparrows.

Week 8

December 30 - January 5

Chickadees & Titmice Only

This week: chickadee and titmice photos only!

Week 9

January 6 - January 10

Birds in Flight

Let’s take off — show us some flying birds!

Week 10

January 13 - January 17

Ground Dwellers

Grouse, quails, partridges, and turkeys are all ground dwellers.

Week 11

January 20 - January 24

Birds & Water

Bathing, swimming, drinking, or rain – as long as there’s water!

Week 12

January 27 - January 31


The taxonomic family Turdidae includes thrushes, bluebirds, American Robins, Veerys, and the Townsend’s Solitaire.

Week 13

February 3 - February 7

Finches & Friends

The taxonomic family Fringillidae includes finches, siskins, crossbills, and Pine and Evening Grosbeaks.

Week 14

February 10 - February 14

Birds of Prey

If the bird hunts, or scavenges for food, we want to see it!

Week 15

February 17 - February 21

The Unexpected

Surprise us!