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Pine Warbler by Bob Vuxinic

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Grand Prize Overall and Category 8: People's Choice

Grand Prize Winner

Right Place, Right Time

Dee Elliott

Mineral Wells, TX, USA

This is a juvenile Scissortail Flycatcher. Last Fall I was walking my property with my cameras , as I often do , when I spotted the young Fly Catcher on the fence. As I was Photographing him, an unsuspecting grasshopper flew by and was snatched out of the air by this Scissor Tail. I have the next photo of him munching away on the grass hopper., I was so excited I could hardly wait to get back and see it on the computer.

2nd Place Overall and Category 7: Judges' Choice

Second Place Winner

Baltimore Oriole

Linda Petersen

Terril, IA, United States

Male Baltimore Oriole

3rd Place Overall and Category 7: People's Choice

Third Place Winner

Blue & Gold


Middleway, WV, United States

An Indigo Bunting singing away on a rainy day at McKee-Beshers WMA in Poolesville, MD.

Category 8: Judges' Choice

Great Groomer

Randall Everts

Wheaton, IL, USA

My daily Ruby-throated Hummingbird visitor landed on the shepherd’s hook and began grooming. I was able to capture this moment. I love the little foot that looks like a hand!

Category 6: Judges' Choice

What a Treat!

Gary Mueller

Rolla, MO, United States

Downy Woodpecker Enjoying a PFW Suet Treat.

Category 6: People's Choice

Carolina Wren

Mary Moilanen

Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Carolina Wren with a peanut suet nugget. Summer 2017.

Category 5: People’s Choice

Elegant and Graceful Liftoff

Eileen Chorba

Beach Lake, PA, United States

I was watching the Great Egret as it waded near the water’s edge searching for fish, frogs, insects or snakes. Something must have gotten his attention and in an instant, he lifted from the rocks and flew a short distance away. I was very excited that I was able to capture several pictures of this beautiful Great Egret!

Category 5: Judges’ Choice

Ready, set, go!

Laura Oana Zamfirescu

Monroe, ME, United States

Looks like the 100 meters sprint start line here. A black capped chickadee, white breasted nuthatch and a tufted titmouce( in the back ) getting ready for the “race”

Category 4: Judges’ Choice

Red is NEVER boring!

Sheri Douse

Deltona, FL, United States

I get a variety of birds at my feeder. When it comes to my frequent birds I can’t think of one of them I would ever consider boring. They all carry a uniqueness to them. This woodpecker is one of my top visitors and each time brings a smile to my face. Their bright red beauty is so breathtaking. So give it up to this guy and say No to Boring!

Category 4: People's Choice

Feeder Frenzy

Stephen & Judy Shelasky

Longmeadow, MA, United States

Some people may consider House Finches boring, but not us! From time to time we have visits from 3 or 4 at one time. This particular morning a few days ago, we had 8 stop by at our raised feeder for a bite, or several, to eat. It was the most we have seen at any one time on the feeder.

Category 3: Judges’ Choice

Sipping nectar

Leslie Scopes Anderson

Arcata, CA, United States

This Anna’s Hummingbird was at my feeder when he left to visit a nearby Red-flowering Currant.

Category 3: People’s Choice

Nature’s Nectar.

Emily Ahtunan

Montpelier, VT, United States

There was an irruption of Pine Grosbeaks last winter. I was walking to the Co-op on day and witnessed over a dozen Pine Grosbeaks feeding in the fruit trees along the way. The berries, as well as some of the Pine grosbeaks, were still covered specks of ice from the weather.

Category 2: Judges’ Choice

Bathing beauty

Brian McCaffrey

Edinburg, TX, United States

At Edinburg Scenic Wetlands – caught this Orange-crowned Warbler bathing and was actually able to see the “Orange” crown

Category 2: People’ Choice

Bathing Beauties

Leisa Chasse

Glenwood, Volusia County, FL, United States

Category 1: Judges’ Choice

Clark’s Nutcracker

Maureen Hills-Urbat

Rocky View County, Alberta, Canada

We have had the Clark’s Nutcrackers coming to our feeders since 2013 and we sure enjoy their bold raucous behaviours.

Category 1: People’s Choice

Grackle with a snackle


Macomb Township, Michigan, USA

This Common Grackle surprised me in the summer bringing a moth as a snack when it came to check out the goods at the feeder. Even though sometimes regarded as bully birds, they are mesmerizingly beautiful and intense up close. There is nothing “Common” about this bird 🙂

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A stocky, metallic green hummingbird with a straight bill hovers under a yellow flower as it drinks the flower's nectar.

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Weekly Prizes

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Weekly Prizes from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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2017-18 Contest Schedule

Want to plan your photo submissions and see when contest winners are announced? Here's a peek at the contest schedule for this season.

Photo Contest

Category 1:

Birds with Food or at the Feeder

Show us your hungry birds!

Submission & voting:
November 6 - 16

Winners: November 17

Category 2:

Bathing Beauties

Keeping feathers clean is important and refreshing.

Submission & voting:
November 20 - November 30

Winners: December 1

Category 3:

Fruit & Nectar Feeders

What birds enjoy the sweeter side of life?

Submission & voting:
December 4 - December 14

Winners: December 15

Category 4:

Boring is Beautiful

Birds that some people consider “boring” are the heart of our dataset. Show us your everyday feeder friends!

Submission & voting:
December 18 - 28

Winners: December 29

Category 5:

Birds in Flight

Let us soar on the wing.

Submission & voting:
January 1 - January 11

Winners: January 12

Category 6:

Sweet for Suet

Those extra calories are delicious and nutritious. What birds enjoy a suet feast?

Submission & voting:
January 15 - January 25

Winners: January 26

Category 7:

Bold, Bright, and Beautiful

Let us create a rainbow of feeder birds! Think cardinals, finches, orioles, buntings, and hummingbirds.

Submission & voting:
January 29 - February 8

Winners: February 9

Category 8:


Did that really just happen?! Share your images of unexpected encounters or interesting bird behaviors from your feeder site.

Submission & voting:
February 12 - February 22

Winners: February 23

Grand Prize Voting:
February 24 - March 1

February 24 - March 1

Winners: March 2

Data Entry Contest

Category 1

November 12 - 23

Winner: November 24

Birders often have a "spark" bird, the one that sparked their interest and sent them on a quest to learn more. What bird lit your fire?

Category 2

November 24 - December 21

Winner: December 22

Sunflower feeder + suet + heated bath = birds galore. What is your formula for success? Do you have special seed or feeders, or do you rely on habitat and water to draw a crowd? Share your secrets!

Category 3

December 22 - January 18

Winner: January 19

Antics abound at our feeder sites, whether it is acrobatic squirrels or clumsy birds. Share a laugh-out-loud moment.

Category 4

January 19 - February 15

Winner: February 16

Today is the day to FeederWatch! Do you kick back in a comfortable chair and enjoy a cup of coffee or is your feeder near the office window and you watch as you work? Describe how FeederWatch adds something special to your day.

FeederWatch in the Classroom

Schools winners announced December 8, January 5, and February 2