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American Goldfinch by Roslynn Long

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Category 6: People's Choice

Grand Prize Winner

Surrounded by Pink!

Eileen Chorba

Beach Lake, PA, USA

The male American Goldfinch posing for a moment among the blossoms of our cherry tree.

Category 8: People's Choice

Second Place Winner

Strike A Pose

Mary Santangelo

Effingham, Illinois, USA

Category 1: People's Choice

Third Place Winner


Pam Garcia

Mansfield La,USA

Two orchard orioles ready for some jelly!!

Category 8: Judges' Choice

In you face!

Dianne Roland

Harrison, TN, USA

A juvenile male ruby-throated hummingbird looks back at me as I snap his picture in my backyard.

Category 7: Judges' Choice

A Valentine’s Kiss…

Melissa Rowell

Clearwater, FL, USA

I was sitting on the beach photographing a Snowy Egret when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed these 2 Pigeons being very affectionate with one another… though the Snowy is definitely a gorgeous bird, I was captivated by the behavior of these “boring but beautiful” Pigeons.

Category 7: People's Choice

Northern Mockingbird vs. European Starling


Middleway, WV, USA

A Mockingbird and Starling have a tiff over the last bit of suet cylinder (the Mockingbird won)

Category 6: Judges' Choice

Outta Here!

Christine hansen

Galveston, TX, USA

There’s nothing more fun than watching bathing beauties!

Category 5: Judges' Choice

Anna’s hummingbird

Jessica McConahay

Portland, OR, USA

Category 5: People's Choice

Comin’ in HOT!!!

Bethany Knox

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Timing is everything, & this Northern Cardinal‘s approach to the feeder is perfection!

Category 4: Judges' Choice

Hues of Blue

Jennifer Smith

Camp Springs, KY, USA

In a late Summer afternoon in my backyard in Northern Kentucky, the sun lights up the back of this Blue Jay and lets it show off all its Beautiful Blues.

Category 4: People's Choice

Just call me Jay

Jaculin Bowman

Meadowlands, MN, USA

Once in a while you get a glimpse of the sun while visiting Sax Zim Bog in the winter. This Canada Jay, was soaking up the rays this day!

Category 3: Judges' Choice


Kim Caruso

McCook, Texas, USA

Young cardinal enjoying a drink and a bath on a hot summer morning

Category 3: People's Choice

Scarlet Tanager

Gina Harmeyer (The Bird Perch)

Kalamazoo, MI, USA

This Scarlet Tanager was a dream come true! Last spring, at least 3 males and 1 females showed up to a feeder I had just sat up outside my window. I had never seen them before and was not expecting to! I feel so fortunate to have been able to see them this year for about a month!

Category 2: Judges' Choice

Savannah Sparrow on a stalk of flowering Fireweed

Jamin Taylor

Palmer, AK, USA

A beautiful Savannah Sparrow perched on a tall Fireweed stalk on the countryside in Alaska.

Category 2: People's Choice

In Flight

Diane Marshman

New Milford, PA, USA

Dark Eyed Junco in flight.

Category 1: Judges' Choice

Cactus Wren

Rick Williams

Tucson, AZ, USA

Cactus Wren w/a snack on a saguaro cactus in Tucson, Arizona.

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A stocky, metallic green hummingbird with a straight bill hovers under a yellow flower as it drinks the flower's nectar.

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Data Entry Contest: Backyard Bird Havens

| Anna’s Hummingbird by Jessica McConahay | For the sixth season in a row, Project FeederWatch and our sponsor Wild Birds Unlimited are rewarding registered FeederWatchers with the chance to win prizes. After entering bird counts (data) into the FeederWatch website, participants have the opportunity to share a story, memory, or tip by clicking the […]

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Weekly Prizes

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology & Wild Birds Unlimited

Weekly Prizes from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Grand Prizes

First Place

First Place Prizes
  • Framed Charlie Harper print
  • $250 gift certificate to Wild Birds Unlimited
  • Lab Sweatshirt (style subject to change, depending upon size and availability)
  • Lab T-shirt (style subject to change depending upon size and availability)
  • Your choice of 2 Be a Better Birder Courses from the Lab's Bird Academy
  • 2 bags of Birds & Beans Bird Friendly coffee

Second Place

Second Place Prizes

Third Place

Third Place Prizes

2019-20 Contest Schedule

Want to plan your photo submissions and see when contest winners are announced? Here's a peek at the contest schedule for this season.

Photo Contest

Category 1:

Birds with Food, or at the Feeder

Show us your hungry birds!

Submission & voting:
November 11 - 21

Winners: November 29

Category 2:

Spectacular Sparrows

Show us your favorite member of the sparrow family.

Submission & voting:
November 25 - December 5

Winners: December 13

Category 3:

Cardinals and Friends

Show us birds from the cardinal family – that includes grosbeaks, Dickcissels, tanagers, and buntings too!

Submission & voting:
December 9 - December 19

Winners: December 27

Category 4:

Beautiful Blues and Grays

All birds sporting these wintery hues are welcome

Submission & voting:
December 23 - January 2

Winners: January 10

Category 5:

Birds in Flight

Show us some flying birds!

Submission & voting:
January 6 - January 16

Winners: January 24

Category 6:

Splash of Sunshine

In deep winter, we all appreciate a little sun. Let’s see some yellow birds!

Submission & voting:
January 20 - January 30

Winners: February 7

Category 7:

Boring is Beautiful

Birds that some people consider “boring” are the heart of our dataset. Show us your everyday feeder friends!

Submission & voting:
February 3 - February 13

Winners: February 21

Category 8:

Potpourri - Anything goes!

Share that bird photo you have been waiting to post all season

Submission & voting:
February 17 - February 27

Winners: February 28

Grand Prize Voting:
February 29 - March 12

February 29 - March 12

Winners: March 13

Data Entry Contest

Category 1

November 9 - 28

Winner: December 6

What’s your favorite bird to see at your feeders? Do you wait all season for a glimpse of it, or does it come every day? Share with us what makes that species so special to see at your feeders!

Category 2

November 29 - December 26

Winner: January 3

Antics abound at our feeder sites, whether it is acrobatic squirrels or clumsy birds. Share a laugh-out-loud moment.

Category 3

December 27 - January 23

Winner: February 14

There are many ways to improve habitat for wildlife. What do you do to make your backyard a haven for your avian friends?

Category 4

January 24 - February 20

Winner: March 6

Do you FeederWatch with someone special, or do you enjoy watching in quiet solitude? Whether it’s with a family member, a pet, or your favorite coffee mug, tell us how you like to FeederWatch!

FeederWatch in the Classroom

Schools winners announced December 20, January 17, and February 14