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April Carroll

Lac du Flambeau, WI, United States


I have heard the flute-like tones of this bird several times while walking in the woods. I had no idea what bird was making it. It was often off in the forest and echoed around me defying detection of the source. Then one day the song was not so far away. I was able to follow it to its source. There on a low branch in front of me was a bird.The lighting was poor but I got a fuzzy picture of it. It was a thrush, but which thrush? I assumed it was the more common wood thrush or maybe a veery. A little research on the web revealed that these birds did not have this bird’s beautiful song. The hermit thrush did. Looking at my first picture I tried to imagine spots on its chest and a reddish tail. It was a stretch but I was pretty sure it was the hermit thrush.
Luckily today I ran into the bird out in the open today and got a much better look at it.

A Mysterious And Beautiful Song

Elusive Melody

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