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Vincent Falardeau

Toronto, ON, Canada


In spring of 2014, I decided to go back to the Credit River Conservation Area, which earlier on that spring, I had the opportunity to get pictures of some neotropical migrants that use this river as a corridor to reach their nesting areas further north; the Credit River being the northern end of the Carolinian Forest zone, which is characterized by a high proportion of deciduous trees (broad-leaf trees), and that reaches all the way to South Carolina. Before leaving home I was hoping/wishing for encountering two birds, one being the Cerulean Warbler (I was certainly daydreaming!) and the other one the Indigo Bunting that I had photographed only once before in my life.

Walking along the banks of the Credit River, I heard a familiar birdsong but I wasn’t really able to pinpoint which bird it could be, but suddenly as if I was struck by lightning, I realized that it was “my” Indigo Bunting that was singing! I did not only found one but actually two different males; one as to see these birds in the wild to really appreciate their magnificence. So there was my chance to finally take new pictures of this incredible bird; and I did for about four hours! Here is a sample of the pictures I took that day: two beautiful Indigo Bunting posing just for me on a sunny afternoon of June 2014.


A Swatch Of Cobalt

A swatch of cobalt

One reply on “A swatch of cobalt”

Dean says:

These are both, beautiful photos, and I am sure you have many more from your four-hour visit! Congratulations!

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