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Julia Collins

Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ, United States


I saw this bird at the feeder early this morning, and am looking to identify it. I am not able to enlarge it without messing up the resolution, and was hoping someone could identify it. it was the size of a sparrow, but all white except for sparrow colored wings – or similar to goldfinch wings. There was slight blush of grey/brown on head, back and shoulder, with full white belly. Any ideas? it is beautiful, and i’ve never seen it before.
Thank you.

Albino Sparrow?

I am looking for help with identifying this bird - left side of the feeder. it looked like a white sparrow - white all over except for sparrow-like wings. any ideas? There was a brush of grey/brown on its head, back and shoulder. white belly too.

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Ben W. says:

Snow Bunting

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