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Gary Mueller

Rolla, MO, USA


This American Robin has a some type of deformity with its left leg. Does any one know what it might be?


American Robin With Deformed Left Leg

American Robin With Deformed Left Leg

2 replies on “American Robin With Deformed Left Leg”

Gary, many thanks for your notice of this identification of a probable unusual leg
diagnosis,, I, will however leave the experts to pose the proper identification .of the cause..
Your input is important,, and thank you for observing this visible unusual visible occurance
of a signaling interest..indeed..

I, thank you.. for this observation,,

Karla J says:

I have noticed a male robin in my backyard May 2023 with both legs similar whitish, thicker looking legs, not like a normal Robin that has the dark gray thin legs. Sometimes this robin holds up one of his legs and stands only on one, but he can hop around like normal. He looks healthy, but I have noticed that he seems to be a tamer (more quiet) disposition and avoids conflict with other male robins.

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